Are you game? Next week: game week

Leaves are falling, jackets are removed from dusty attics and clocks are turned one hour backward. Yes, we can’t ignore the welcoming signs of winter any longer. This time of the year asks for some delicious comfort food. That’s why Restour presents Game Week next week (11 Nov – 15 Nov).

What’s on the menu?

The complete game week menu will be published as of Monday morning 11 November on the Restour website.

Please be aware that if you are going to try one of the game dishes Restour is serving, there could be small bullets present in the game.

Where can I get quality game in Holland?

Let’s say you have a special dinner. And you and your dinner companion would like a nice game dish. Where to go? That’s a good question to which the Royal Dutch Hunters Association (Koninklijke Nederlandse Jagersvereniging) found the answer. The association made a special interactive map ‘Wild op de kaart’ where demand and supply come together. We say: user friendly and great for this time of year.

But first things first… Enjoy the Game Week!

Stichting Restour


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