Blood orange dessert

11 February

Skrei cod with sauerkraut

19 February

French week
09 March t/m 13 March
St. Patricks Day

17 March

Extra dish 

Sea bass tartare with yuzu

Extra dish

 Potato salad with deep fried panko sole – vinaigrette of eel and leek

Extra dish

  Local products dish

Asparagus days

18 May t/m 20 May 

Extra dish

Bouchot mussels

Extra dish

Canners lobster

Vegan Week

8 June t/m 12 June 

 New Dutch Herring

Japanese week
                                                                                                  06 July t/m 10 July
No Special Events
African week

9 September t/m 13 September 2019

Extra dish

Vietnamese street food shrimp

American Week

05 October t/m 09 October

Extra dish

Organic zeeland flat oysters

The Balkan countries Week

02 November t/m 06 November

Extra dish

Crab cocktail with soy vinaigrette and spicy sesame chewy head

Restour Christmas Lunch


Amicale Christmas Party

Not all the events are displayed in this agenda. Restour organises more special events (like extra dishes and tastings) that are not on this list. Please keep your eye on our newspage for more information. 

Coffee Corners
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Restaurant & Streetfood Area
11:30 – 14:00

11:30 – 14:00
15:00 – 22:00

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