Extra dish: duck pancakes with hoisin sauce

Paper thin and moist but light pancakes, crispy flavourful duck, fresh elegant veggies and a fragrant salty sweet sauce; when the first bite hits your mouth for a moment your brain forgets where and who you are. Yes, we are talking about the all time favorite: duck pancakes with hoisin sauce! Wednesday (2019-11-27) Restour serves this Chinese devine delight in the middle of the Hinge Restaurant. Be there on time or ask a colleague to stash them for you because these badboys are delicious.

Celebrate spring with duck pancakes

Duck pancakes, or Mandarin pancakes, have a totally different name in China. Chun bing (春饼) literally means spring pancakes. The northerners cook this dish as part of the celebration of Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year. Hoisin sauce on the other hand is typically Cantonese (South China). In Bejing the northerners traditionally use sweet ground bean sauce (tián miàn jiàng / 甜面酱 ).

Bejing duck v.s. Cantonese duck

Is there a difference between Bejing duck and Cantonese roasted duck? Yes, there is. The way it’s prepared but also the way it’s served are not the same. While duck Bejing-style is usually served with pancakes or buns, Cantonese styled duck is more likely to be served with rice. This clarifying infographic shows you the main traditional differences:

We hope you enjoy the duck on Wednesday 27 November 2019!

Price of the extra dish Duck pancakes with Hoisin sauce: € 5,50 (100%), € 4,12 (75%), € 2,75 (50%).

Stichting Restour

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