Get ready for a cheesy Wednesday because Restour serves various Italian cheeses…

It doesn’t really matter if it’s a rainy day, a break-up or a grumpy colleague; cheese makes up for many things. So we are glad to tell you that this Wednesday (2019-10-16) Restour serves an Italian cheese platter. Of course the cheese is accompanied by it’s dear friend: fig compote.

What kind of cheese?

The cheese plate consists of a Valcasotto, Toma del Monte regale and a Rossini. They describe the cheeses as follows:

  • Valcasotto: 90 – 150 days of Raw cow milk aged cheese with a flavour of ripened butter, dried fruit and hazelnut.
  • Toma del Monte regale: Younger Alpine cheese from cow’s milk with a soft texture marked by tiny holes.
  • Rossini: a Blue mold cheese from cow’s milk which is matured in the Passito wine.


And the price?

This extra dish costs: € 5,17 (100%), € 3,88 (75%), € 2,59 (50%)


Stichting Restour

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