Join our FREE tasting of various molluscs

This Wednesday (2019-9-25) Restour invites you to a free tasting in the middle of the free flow of the Hinge Restaurant. One of our chefs will take you on culinary trip to explore the possibilities of cooking with molluscs.

Molluscs? Ehhh…

Molluscs are soft animals without a spine. Often they have a shell to cover themselves. Think of snails, oysters, clams and cockles. But there also are molluscs that don’t have a shell at all, like a slug, a squid or an octopus. Fun fact: the word mollusc originates from the Latin word molluscsca, from mollis, which means ‘soft’.

What can I try this Wednesday?

Wednesday you can try 4 different types of molluscs. Namely mussels, winkles, vongole and razor clams. 

A real Dutch molluscs adventure

For the real adventurists among us, who are not afraid to get their hands dirty: check out the website of National Park Oosterschelde. Because in this national park in the Dutch province Zeeland you can have a unique experience. You can gather your own mussels, oysters and krukkels. In other words: one big molluscs fest! Hooray! But before you call your whole family to have dinner, check out the rules.

We hope you enjoy the tasting. If you would like to make one of the mollusc-recipes at home, please leave a comment in the comment box below.


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