Free strawberry tasting on Wednesday (2019-6-19)

Do you know what time it is? It’s strawberry time! Hooray! To celebrate this joyfull time of the year Restour presents a free strawberry tasting in the middle of the Hinge Restaurant on Wednesday (2019-6-19). You are all more than welcome to try three different types of strawberries: the pineberry, the peachberry and the strasberry.

Berries explained

Although their names suggest otherwise, the three types are all 100% strawberry. The pineberry has it’s origins in North and South America. This strawberry has fresh and sour tones, just like a pineapple. The peachberry had it’s origins in Asia and had a peachy aroma. Both these strawberries have a whitish color. The third one, the strasberry, has it’s origins in North and South America too. This strasberry has deep positioned seeds and a color similar to a raspberry.

Excited yet? We hope you enjoy the tasting!


Photo: Engin_Akyurt (Pixabay)

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