No more Restour news on the EPO news feed!

As of today you cannot longer find Restour news in the EPO newsfeed. But don’t worry yet: we will post our news, our week menu’s and our event info on this new (and hopefully improved) website.

But why?

Before, when Restour wanted to share news or upcoming events, we posted a message on the EPO intranet news feed. With arrival of the new commercial zone EPO decided it wasn’t fair for all the other parties.

Where can I find Restour news?

It took blood, sweat and tears but we would like to invite you to our new website. On this webpage you can find all the latest Restour news and all the info about upcoming events or weekly menu’s. We also wanted to take this upportunity to share a little bit more of our story.

Hope you enjoy our new website!


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