How does it work?

Please contact Restour via the mail for a suggestion and the costs.

You can choose one starter, one main course and one dessert.  The choice made should be the same for all guests. However, we can make an exception if a guest does not want meat or fish or has an allergy for certain components.

The drinks and service costs will be invoiced separately.

NOTE: these lunches are always served.

Make a reservation

To reserve the lunchroom for a VIP lunch you can contact Restour by:

☏ 070-3403062

We would very much appreciate it if the reservation is made one week in advance.

New Main Coffee Corner
08:00 – 11:00

Hinge coffee corner


Hinge Restaurant
11:30 – 13:30

(streetfood corner temporarily closed)

Sportsbar (temporarily closed)

Patentlaan 2
2288 EE Rijswijk
Office # H01AT94

+31 (0)70 3403062