Wednesday: a perfect day for Bawykov Salmon tartare

Wednesday 4th of December Restour is serving an extra dish in the middle of the free flow in the restaurant of the Hinge. It is a delicious Bawykov salmon tartare. The price for this extra dish is: € 5,17 (100%), € 3,88 (50%), € 2,59 (50%)

What is Bawykov salmon?
It has been said that it is the best Superior Atlantic smoked salmon in the world. 
SVH Meesterkok Rien Heemskerk has created the recipe for the artisanal smoked salmon. For more than 25 years Rien Heemskerk has been smoking Bawykov salmon.  Many restaurant kitchens in the Netherlands have discovered this special salmon and now have it on their menu.

Norwegian “Superior quality” salmon
Only the Atlantic salmon (Salmo Salar) from the ice-cold Norwegian fjords is used for the Bawykov salmon. This salmon has been awarded the predicate “Superior” by the Norwegian government, the highest conceivable quality Norwegian salmon. These are especially selected for Bawykov. Top quality, responsible, and above all fresh!

All of the Bawykov salmon are each carefully put in a complex secret blend of spices with salt and a little sugar by hand. The Bawykov salmon is then left to marinate for at least 12 hours.

Drying process
The drying process takes a long time. Every Bawykov salmon is dried in a special drying cabinet where the humidity and temperature are being monitored closely.  After the smoking process the drying is repated again, as a result of which the salmon loses between 10 to 15% in weight and therefore gains in taste.

Smoking process
After the first drying process, the salmon is smoked. The salmon hangs by the skin and is not laid down like with almost all other salmon smoking processes. The are also smoked considerably longer at a lower temperature. As a result of this the smoky flavour is subtle instead of dominant. A by Bawykov specially selected oak and beech wood mix is used for smoking.

If you want to prepare a delicious dish with Bawykov salmon yourself you can find some nice recipes here

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