Wednesday: a perfect day for shrimp yakitori

Although the Japanese word yakitori literally means grilled (yaki) bird (tori), it’s definitely worth trying the shrimp version of this dish. What a coincidence that Wednesday (06-11-2019) Restour serves these populair Japanese shrimp skewers. The price for this extra dish is: € 9,48 (100%), € 7,11 (50%), € 4,74 (50%)

Shrimp yakitori
What is yakitori?

These elegant Japanese skewers are a bit similar to the Indonesian saté but are prepared without rubs or marinade. Instead, yakitori is usually served with a flavourful soy and rice wine dipping called tare. Traditionally the skewers are dipped twice: halfway through the grilling and near the end. This process leaves us with a salty, sweet, silky glaze that is absolutely irresistible.

Imagine this delicious sticky glaze on shrimps instead of chicken. Martha Stewart is convinced. How about you?

Stichting Restour

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